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Kamdev Mantra

  • Do you have a crush on somebody?
  • Is there anybody you love the most?
  • Is there a girl or a guy around your neighbourhood or down the street where you live, who has taken away your night’s sleep?

But you’re unable to express, pretty sad. Or it is like that you did tell what you felt but there is just no response from this person? This is sad too! So, what to do? Will you ever get the person in your life? Will the person ever fall in love with you the same way as you have fallen with him or her? Yes! Yes! Yes! This is possible and will definitely happen but for this you’ll need a special magical mantra called Kamdev Mantra to work for you!

The name Kamdev or Kaamdev is akin to Cupid. So, you must have made out what this mantra is like and how it must be working? It is the lover’s mantra which works just like the cupid’s arrow. And once you have cast this spell or mantra on the person you are in love with, he or she will start feeling the same for you. The moment you cast the spell on the person, he or she will find you the most lovable person. You then have the total command over the person. Yes and this command will be over the person’s mind, soul and life.

Your lover or beloved will now listen to everything that you’ll say to him or her. There will be a kind of hypnotizing effect! But for this you’ll either need to learn the kamdev mantra or hire a person who knows how to cast it and then? Hush and lo, your life will be full of love!!

"sarvajanam sarvajanam me vasham kuru kuru swaahaa, jwal jwal prajwal prajwal han han vad vad tap tap samohay samohay"

God of this Mantra is Kamdev. Recitation of this mantra is good for achieving success in to Love & Relationships. If you want to be Women/man Magnet and every women/man who looks and want to have sex with you then you can use Kamdev sex mantra. This is genuine Mantra because you are not forcing any female using this mantra.

“Om Namo Bhagvate Kamdevaye, yasya yasya drishyo Bhavami, Yashch Yashch mum mukham pashyati tam tam mohyatu swaha”

Whenever a stranger girl/boy will see your face she will become mad in love for you.Kamdev is the god of Love & Sex and this Kamdev mantra is to attract any girl/boy for sex purpose. In this as soon as she will look at your face, she will be pulled towards you and will become eager to have sex with you. You can chant daily minimum 108 and it becomes siddh in 40 days to 6 months. If you chant more times then siddh will be faster.

In Hindu traditions for the marriage ceremony itself, the bride’s feet are often painted with pictures of Suka, the parrot vahana of Kamadeva. The religious rituals addressed to him offer a means of purification and reentry into the community. Devotion to Kamdev mantra keeps desire within the framework of the religious tradition. Kamadeva also appears in other stories and becomes the object of certain devotional rituals for those seeking health, physical beauty, husbands, wives, and sons. In one story Kamadeva himself succumbs to desire, and must then worship his lover in order to be released from this passion and its curse.

According to some traditions worshiping Radha Krishna, Radha is without equal in the universe for beauty, and her power constantly defeats the god of love, Kamadeva.[23] when Krishna played his flute, as described Bhāgavata Purna, the women from vraj came to Krishna but not because of the influence of kamadeva but because of love. It is a misconception that kama means love, kama literally means trishNa(sanskrit) ie desire thirt. On that day all the gopis and krishna played ‘Rasa’ and the 5 chapters which describes this rasa-leela is known as rasa-panchadhyayi and it is called as kama-vijayi-granth(the book which conquers the cupid. Kamdev mantra. Some have suggested that the replacement of Kamadeva by Krishna had its germ in the early medieval period.

Initially spring festival Holi was being held in reverence to celestial Vedic figure of Kamadeva, however it is presently dedicated to Krishna. According to Gaudiya Vaishnava theologians of medieval period, when in Bhāgavata Purāṇa, book X, Kamadeva is mentioned by the word smara he is not the deva who incites lusty feelings. It’s believed that the gopis are liberated souls beyond the touch of material nature, therefore according to Gaudiya views it is not possible for them to be contaminated by the lust which is produced of the mode of passion.



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