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About Us

You must have heard about different branches of astrology including Karmic, Humanistic, Relationship, Medical etc. Being a spectator of present generation psychology and the growth of divorce rates, we have focused on the relationship branch of astrology- Astrology to solve love problems only on Solveloveproblem.com. We, as an individual entity, provide the Best astrologer in town in terms of love related problems; Maulana ji. He has been awarded as the Best astrologer according to a survey conducted in 2012 on Solveloveproblem.com where in users could Solve love problems by astrology under the guidance of Mr. Molvi Ji. He has conducted over 1000 consultations and love forecasts with 99.8% success rate.

Currently, Molvi Ji is being writing columns related to Astrology to solve love problems for a leading newspaper. Molvi Ji successfully launched Solveloveproblem.com in order to deliver the best results anonymously. The idea of creating this website emerged one day when Molvi Ji happened to read increased number of suicides and murders due to failed love. He is not only the Best astrologer but also predicts natural disasters. Almost all his predictions have proven to be true. Molvi Ji is a student of astrology since the tender age of 10. He is frequently found reading astrology books.

Unlucky in love? Compatible with your partner or no? Had a tiff with your partner? Going through a divorce? Confused about your relationship status? Signs he’s falling? Yes, Molvi Ji is here to Solve love problems by astrology, the study of planets and stars and their significant effects on horoscopes. He will let you know if your relationship is meant to be or fated to fail. Get to know about your love life here and that too free of cost. No hidden cost. Applicable for all age groups.

We have introduced a special column named “Answer me now” for those who have burning/urgent questions about their love life. These clients will be treated as top most priority and will be attended accordingly for best results as soon as possible. Only members are allowed to use this feature.

Why Astrology to solve love problems?

Generally, after an uphill battle to save a drowning relationship or tackling any love related problem, we don’t get an appropriate satisfying, guaranteed result. In this case, we tend to lose hope in every existing relationship that try to raise those feelings and hopes again. So henceforth, we need the best solution that wouldn’t give us false hopes. Then we chose to Solve love problems by astrology. Our goal is to provide 100% satisfying results and help the youth to deal with problems in love and learn to tackle them efficiently and with courage.


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